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Blue I Takes Gold at Beijing Olympics

Blue I's advanced water technology wins exclusive Beijing 2008 Olympic pools contract. All Olympic pools' water quality will be monitored by Blue I's controllers.

Blue I Water Technologies, a global leader in advanced water quality control systems, has been selected by Chinese officials to monitor the water quality in the competition's pools. Blue I has been chosen as the surveyor, controller & supplier- for all six swimming pools at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, replacing two internationally recognized players in the water quality analysis industry.

The decision to take on Blue I for this important project came following a rigorous testing process, beginning just a year after Blue I opened its offices in China. The Olympic pools were already being constructed, a leading German company had won the tender to supply the water quality monitoring systems for 4 of the parameters along with an American company responsible for the monitoring and supervision of two additional parameters. The Chinese Olympic Committee were unsatisfied with the results provided by these suppliers and turned to Blue I, five months ago, to provide a comprehensive solution.

A two month evaluation process followed, and was supervised by a variety of Chinese organizations, including the Chinese Ministry of Health, which intends to develop a program of high level standardization in the water industry in China. The Blue I product selected to monitor the Olympic pools is HydroGuard, a multi-sensor system, which measures several chemical parameters of water quality, all in one device, at one time.

Blue I has recently seen an increase in sales with over 70% growth in the first half of 2008 in comparison to the previous year. Sales in the Chinese market have grown to six times their previous numbers. The decision to adopt Blue I's systems in the Olympic pools opens the door to China for Blue I's advanced technologies.

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